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Posted by on 28 May 2013  | 5 Comments

I adored Clachtoll beach – it was like a little a slice of Hebridean heaven – power, energy, waves, the churn, the surge. I take these images using a zoom and often lay on the beach with the Gitzo flattened. I try to look for relationships between the waves and aim to have at least a ‘stack’ of central wave. A slow shutter speed – here 0.3 seconds – helps to blur and rear sharpness is of no concern.

  • very very cool.

  • Very tumultuous and Turneresque!

  • Powerful!

  • Your images are very inspiring… Just got new camera, and trying to learn all the workings, and settings etc…
    Love water images, so much power! Will have a look at the rest of your images now, hope you don’t mind! 🙂 Kev..

  • I know Clachtoll very well – the movement and colour here are amazing!