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Enclosure (2022)

This is a collaborative project with the book artist Shona Grant. Between March 2020 and November 2021 I made photographs of the 30 or so mature trees that surround home in rural North East Aberdeenshire. We decided that a Japanese style book would suit the photographs and so we chose to make a stab bound book using hemp-leaf binding (asa-no-ha toji) with a traditional wraparound short-sleeve case (hansode chitsu).

Book specifications

A handmade Japanese stab bound book with handmade wraparound case. The book measures 240mm w x 250mm h and has two hard backs covered in hand painted in black acrylic on jaconette calico. It is bound in ribbon using a hemp-leaf pattern with brass eyelet detail. The first and final pages are hand painted in a mix of crimson and burnt sienna acrylics on jaconette calico. There are 16 pages of fine art black and white photographs printed on Awagami 170gsm bamboo paper. The pages measure 188mm w x 243mm h and the images measure 102mm w x 127mm h. The book also features a three sheet gate fold section. Each photographic print has a red hand painted jaconette calico sheet attached which was then bound to into the spine of the book.

The hard backed wraparound cover measures 255mm w x 257mm h and is covered in hand painted red jaconette calico with black book cloth lining. It features the traditional Japanese clasp made from handmade cut bone with handmade black book cloth attachments. When open the case measures 700mm w x 257mm h.