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ridge trees book

In March 2016 my book of the Ridge Trees project was published by Kozu Books. Each book comes with a special limited set of six postcards featuring the Ridge Trees images.

About the project:

The Ridge Trees project concentrates on a specific area of the New Forest, Hampshire and is governed by two aspects. The first of these relates to three geographical points of the Forest roughly covering Puckpits, Vinney Ridge and Markway and all photographs have been made within this boundary. The second is really concerned with light and time with the relevant points being mist, autumn or winter and at the cusp of dawn.

The Forest is extremely popular with visitors throughout the year and especially so during daylight hours. One further characteristic of the project is to hopefully provide motivation for other photographers and visitors to engage with the New Forest in their own personal way.

The Forest is transformed by mist especially when seen through a plantation of beautifully straight pines unencumbered by high bracken and undergrowth. The mist softens and filters the light.

I’ve returned to the various locations in late morning where the Forest has been absolutely soaked by heavy rainfall overnight. The morning sun has lit and warmed the woodland so that the trees and small water pools in the bracken are steaming and it is almost like looking at Icelandic thermal pools.

Book specifications:

Soft cover
Size: 200mm X 150mm Portrait
Soft Cover: Fedrigoni Cover 290gsm
Text: 48pp Fedrigoni Silk 170gsm
Perfect Bound
Limited Edition of 150