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Hello. I’m David Baker. In November 2005 I started milouvision. I live in NE Aberdeenshire.


  • Common Ground: For four years my Common Ground project examined Southampton Common and the old cemetery with an Arts Council funded exhibition in the Southampton City Art Gallery from 2 December 2017 to 7 April 2018.
  • Ridge Trees: This concentrates on a specific area of the New Forest, Hampshire.
  • Sea Fever: We are frequently drawn to the flow of the sea and the ever changing landscape of shore, sea and sky.
  • Sea Observation: Exploring waves, wind, tide and time.
  • Scottish Sea Squares: South Uist, Eriskay, Berneray and Tiree with divisions for horizon, rock and wave.
  • Under the hill, Across the Ford: In late January 2017 there was a move to rural Aberdeenshire and during these past years, I’ve documented a mile or so radius from home.
  • Enclosure: A direct response to Kim Jungman’s book Can You Hear The Wind Blow?

The projects can be seen at

I have had three books published each dealing with a project: ‘Sea Fever’ by Triplekite, ‘Ridge Trees’ by Kozu Books, ‘Common Ground’ by Kozu Books

I have exhibited over 20 times in a sole and collaborative capacity principally showing project work.

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Contact: david (at)
Twitter: @milouvision
Instagram: @milouvision

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